File Stream 5

Fully featured enterprise-level document management solution. On-Premise or in the Cloud

Fully-featured DM solution designed…

To meet the requirements of any company or organisation – from single user to large corporates looking to improve communication and security of document storage and management.

File Stream helps businesses save time and money by streamlining their document management, making files easier to find and impossible to lose. Full encryption means documents are entirely secure and GDPR compliant, and a range of workflow features help make any business even more efficient.


Business Process Improvements

  • Enabling quick and easy document storage and retrieval for staff in all departments and at all levels of seniority
  • Improving communication between staff members resulting in a better service being offered to customers and suppliers
  • Fully encrypting all documents to AES 256 standard (File Stream 5)
  • Includes Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) enabling control to document level, who can see information and what system tools they have access to
  • Using an API (Application Programming Interface) which can sit between multiple systems and communicate across the business as required
  • Meeting customers’ specific requirements with functionality designed around their processes
  • Using automated workflows to improve business processes by routing documents to users with defined time limited tasks for action
  • Encompassing an electronic signature module which greatly improves business workflows, administrative procedures and security

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All Devices

Enabling quick and easy document storage and retrieval from all devices, including mobile and tablets


Easy Comms

Encrypted Communications on the move



Unique functionality can be provided for specific business requirements


Digital Signatures

The Business doesn't stop with Electronic Signature Module

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Connected, Everywhere

Easy access to documents is a necessity to the success of any business. This was very much in our focus as Filestream developed its File Stream app. The result; Mobile Apps are available for iOS and Android devices. Our Apps are free of charge and offer full functionality. If your choice is to opt for a CLOUD solution, then the Mobile Apps will form part of it. If it suits your business better to install our Window’s ON PREMISE networked product, then to make use of our Mobile Apps an IIS (Internet Information Services) server and an external facing IP address will be required. Internet connection will be needed, either through Wi-Fi or mobile data plan.

File Stream
File Stream