Document Management For Construction Companies

Documents relating to all aspects of a project – Financial, Structural Engineering, Architects, Surveyors, Legal, Logistical etc. are filed under one umbrella electronic document management system.

This allows the Project Manager, or individuals involved, to see at a glance any document appertaining to a particular project


Why Document Management Is Important For Construction Companies

Document management software makes it easy to control documents, whether they are CAD Drawings, Word/Excel docs, PDF or virtually any other file type. Both incoming and outgoing correspondence relating to a project is filed in one place available for those with permissions to view and action it.

File Stream Document Management is a resourceful tool for management teams as any search can be filtered by for instance, a date range, then all documents for a required time period can be searched for. Alternatively, searches for other documents such as “New Instructions” over any date period can be made and the documents found in seconds.

Why Construction Companies
Need EDMS.

Improve administrative efficiencies now required by Health and Safety legislation
Enhance organisation processes with integration and workflows
Improve document security and access control
4Save Money
Reappraisal of software requirements by the reduction of applications, often saving time and money