File Stream in Legal Practices

In the legal profession, managing documents is of utmost importance. Hard copies need to be kept on file and readily available for perusal, while digital versions need to be stored securely, yet are still easily accessible by those who need them. 

This can create a cluttered and unorganised work environment, leading to lost or misfiled documents, which can cost a practice dearly in terms of both time and money.

When it comes to choosing software for a law firm, there are a few factors to take into account. By doing so a product that’s well-suited to the requirements will be selected and that will help the practice run efficiently

The necessity for file management

Legal has always had to work with and retain vast quantities of documents. In today’s heavily legislated environment this problem has only been made worse.

In the past, taking large amounts of paper documents to court was normal, now an electronic copy is faster and fully GDPR compliant as risk of losing paper based documents is eradicated.

Our customers already using document management have gained an added bonus of speeding up court access by not waiting for delivery of documents from off site storage facilities

File Stream and Law Practices

  • Conveyancing, Family Law, Estate Planning or Litigation issues etc. all stored in one place
  • Enable Partners or individuals involved to be notified of updates by email
  • Reduce costs of storing documents externally and speeding up availability of access
  • Access and auditing of documents for all staff members controlled by RBAC (roles based access control)
  • Instant availability of all documents whilst in court

Does a Legal Practice need legal document management software to manage their documentation? Could a practice just use Excel?” And while it may technically suffice to use a spreadsheet to manage a law firm, there are overwhelming advantages to using a fully featured document management program. 

Cases that need to keept track of, deadlines met, clients communicated with and much more.

Trying to keep everything organised and compliant can be complex, even for the most experienced lawyers.