Secure Document Storage

Telephone calls, emails, social media and the post all have well known security weaknesses and suffer from being hacked.

Keep Data Safe

When personnel, financial or commercial information needs to be communicated an extra layer of security is frequently required. The information on PC’s and mobile devices are under constant attack. By using OfficioDM and File Stream 5 these threats can be greatly reduced.

Although common to any good Document Management system, documents are stored as 256 AES encrypted files. By simply exporting the encrypted file and sending it by your chosen method to the recipient, the secure document can then be decrypted by a password of up to 256 characters. The password being passed on from the sender to the receiver.

Document Encryption

Document encryption is an essential part of any document management system. With File Stream all documents are encrypted as soon as they are imported into the system. This means if you were to be hacked and your data stolen, all the hackers would get is unusable encrypted .dat files.

File Stream 5 uses 256 AES encryption.

Encryption is a requirement for GDPR compliance along with many other features included in File Stream such as Document Retention, Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Secure Areas, Searching and an Audit Trail.

What is RBAC?

Role-based access control (RBAC) is an approach to restricting system access to authorised users. A role is similar to a team with fixed rights to all aspects of any particular section of documentation and can be used for:


Restrict function

Set what users can and can’t do within the system. For example you can create a read/search only role


Admin Rights

Creating various levels of administration of the system. Senior staff may have greater administrative rights, such as the ability to delete documents


Retention Dates

set on documents either at a cabinet level (all documents in a cabinet) or at field level where documents within a cabinet can have different retention dates


Manager Accesss

Department managers have the rights to control the access to documents including from IT staff