Document Management Storage

As Document Management specialists, File Stream has a range of products designed to suit a variety or requirements for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer organisations. Our product suite also offers an easy upgrade path, so as businesses grow, File Stream Document Management will grow with them.

Organisation Solved: Introducing the Cabinet

Cabinets in File Stream are where documents are indexed to. Once indexed they are searchable to users within the system (providing they have the correct permissions). With File Stream there are no limits to the number of cabinets or index fields.

Think of a File Stream Cabinet as an electronic version of a conventional filing cabinet found in most offices. Each cabinet will be set up with index fields and documents are filed using index values. For example, in an HR Records cabinet, there are likely to be at least two index fields; Employee Name and Document Type.

When HR records are filed, the index values are entered into the fields. This makes it simple to search for the documents later.

Time Saved: With Searchable Media

One of the virtues of document management is the ability to make precise searches for sets of documents. File Stream can not only do this but it can take a precise search, export it, and present the information in seconds (a GDPR requirement) on media such as a CD, USB memory stick or a zip folder. The information is encrypted, password protected and delivered using the easy to use File Stream search screens.

How can File Stream Searchable Media help?

When a selection of documents need to be sent such as for a finance audit or product information, the Searchable Media feature can be used to generate a secure, standalone instance of File Stream. After searching the required documents can then be exported via e mail (zip folder), CD or memory stick fully encrypted and password protected. The recipient can then search for the documents using the built in File Stream search panel complete with a document viewer for instant viewing of all common file types without having to open any other application. Another benefit being the person receiving the data does not require File Stream to use the Searchable Media.

Annotating Documents



Key Points

Highlight or Colour important information.


All Files

Image type documents such as PDF, TIF, JPEG etc


Simple Annotation

With text, stamps and signatures etc.


Redact Information

Documents can be redacted to hide confidential information from viewers who do not have permission to see the full text.