Document Management for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

When it comes to running an SME, efficiency is key. One of the best ways to streamline business operations is to invest in document management software.

EDMS offers a number of benefits for SME businesses, including improved security, easier collaboration, and instant document retrieval.

Your Business Should Run Smoothly

The best document management software not only makes it easy to create, edit, and store digital documents, but also provides powerful tools for organising and sharing files.

File Stream includes features such as version control, which tracks changes when teams are working on the same document and security controls which prevent unauthorised users from viewing or modifying sensitive information. 

Why do SMEs need Document Management Software? 

There are several reasons why document management software is essential.

Firstly, it can help save time. Instead of having to search through piles of paper or drill down through multiple electronic folders to find a specific document, by just entering a few keywords any document can be retrieved in seconds. This is especially helpful for large numbers of documents or for frequent access. 

Secondly, document management software can help save money. With EDM software, printing can be almost eliminated because documents will be stored electronically. Also staff time will be freed up for more productive work. In addition, deleting or archiving outdated documents is simple and cost free. Off site paper document storage can be eliminated for further cost savings. 

Finally, document management solutions can help to keep information safe. Documents stored electronically are less likely to be lost or damaged and automatic encryption ensures they’ll be even more secure.

Physical documents are easy to lose or be damaged by fire or flood. However electronic files, are safe from loss and natural disasters. 

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Key considerations

If you require to integrate a document management system with existing applications such as CRM, HR or accounts, File Stream is an ideal solution
2Cloud or On-Premise
File Stream can be installed on-premise or in the Cloud.
3Fixed or concurrent licences
Consider how many users will require access to the system at the same time. File Streams concurrent licencing enables unlimited users but only restricts the number logged in at any one time. This also simplifies licence management
4Technical and user support
Do you require a quick response to technical and user queries? Our UK based support team understands the need for an immediate response by phone and on-line.