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20 December 2019

OCR “Error: Invalid license or Engine License file not found.”

When attempting to OCR a document you may get this error message. This may have been caused by a recent Windows 10 update, you will need to delete a registry key in the Registry Editor. On the pc(s) experiencing the […]
1 October 2019

What are the back up procedures?

Please refer to our guide on backing up File Stream and SQL by clicking here.
7 June 2019

Can I do Route Box scanning?

Watch the video below.
7 June 2019

Can I import from Outlook?

Yes. With Outlook open, select the email you wish to bring in. Now in OfficioDM Pro right-click on either your In-tray or a cabinet and you should see the option to ‘Import From Outlook’ appear. Select this and it will […]
5 February 2019

Why can’t I connect to the Server from the OfficioDM Pro client?

With a new install, when connecting the client to the server for the first time it may fail. You will you need to allow access to the correct port though your firewall. Alternatively, if you are getting an error regarding […]
18 September 2018

The underlying provider failed on Open.

The SQL service may not have started or needs restarting. Check services on the OfficioDM Pro server.
18 September 2018

How do I update OfficioDM Pro?

For a guide on updating OfficioDM Pro please click here. OfficioDM Pro Mobile App: The Mobile App should update automatically. Check your device application settings.
18 September 2018

How do I backup OfficioDM Pro?

For a guide on backing up OfficioDM Pro please click here. OfficioDM Pro SIRE Cloud: If you need to restore your OfficioDM Pro SIRE Cloud data, please contact us. For more information on our SIRE Cloud solution, click here.
18 September 2018

How many documents can I store in OfficioDM Pro?

OfficioDM Pro can store 250,000 documents per database. You can have up to a maximum of 5 databases. This number will reduce if documents are OCR’d.
18 September 2018

How do I recover a document I’ve deleted?

There are two levels of deletion; delete and destroy. If a document is deleted from an in-tray or a cabinet, it can be restored from ‘Deleted items’. Select the ‘Deleted items’ icon from the home screen. Highlight the document(s) you […]