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OfficioDM Pro can store 250,000 documents per database. You can have up to a maximum of 5 databases. This number will reduce if documents are OCR’d.

10 April 2017

Can I change the file name of a document?

Yes, from the Document Information Panel. Which can be accessed from the in-tray, a cabinet or bottom of the INDEX Panel. With the Panel, open, highlight the document and click in the file name box to make changes and ‘Save’ […]
10 April 2017

How many notes can I make against a document?

Notes can be added to any document in OfficioDM. You are limited to maximum of 256 characters including spaces. The text can be edited as many times as needed making it possible to have one large note or several smaller […]
10 April 2017

Why can’t I see my document?

With OfficioDM you can view a number of file types, including image files, PDFs and Office files. If your document doesn’t display you will need to save the document out of OfficioDM so you can launch and view it with […]