The amount of paperwork which comes from managing a transport and logistics operation is considerable. The ability of logistics companies to produce POD, and other documents, fast and efficiently for their customers and agents is essential. Imagine all the strategic parties involved able to immediately view, check and authorise payments and deliveries at the touch of a button.

Filestream partners with transport and logistics companies to enable them to:

  • Improve administrative efficiencies and automate workflows through customised industry modules
  • Integrate and enhance organisational processes, reducing delays and improving cashflow
  • Improve document security and access control, for internal staff and relevant agents
  • Improve access to information and remove document storage issues
  • Reappraise their software requirements, often saving time and money

Transport companies vary hugely in size: how they make use of document management will be determined by the volume of documents to be filed. The general rule suggests the more documents, the more automated the process needs to become. The quality of the PODs is also very important, especially if OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is to be used. Crumpled or marked documents will not OCR well.

Many companies are using Barcodes containing key information which is printed onto the POD when it is produced. Using our Barcode module, these can be automatically filed and the barcode information extracted (Customer, Delivery Note Number, etc.) and tagged against each document for future retrieval.

The types of files that some logistics businesses use our document management software to manage include:

  • PODs
  • Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Notes/Receipts
  • Packing Slips
  • Airway bills
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Time Sheets
  • Price Lists

Other companies are already using PDA devices. The details can usually be downloaded in pdf format which again can be automatically filed in the document management system. Our web version makes it very straightforward for your customers to be given a login to view their own PODs, or use our Web API tool to write a link from your own website.

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