The recruitment sector produces an enormous amount of documentation, both incoming and outgoing. Some temporary staff move job regularly and new CVs and job description information is gathered frequently. This information has to be accurately filed, easily accessible and secure.

Filestream partners with recruitment companies to enable them to:

  • Improve administrative efficiencies and automate workflows
  • Integrate and enhance organisation processes
  • Improve document security and access control
  • Improve access to information and remove document storage issues
  • Reappraise their software requirements, often saving time and money

If you are currently running a mostly paper/card based system and have not yet invested in an industry specific software system to manage your candidates/vacancies, it is worth discussing with us how we can help solve your administrative and workflow requirements.

Working with Filestream we will be able to help you:

  • File under one umbrella all documents (MS Office documents, paper images, e-mails, pay slips, time sheets, CVs, Copy Qualifications, ID Recards etc.) concerning a candidate
  • Enable the relevant staff members to access information in seconds without leaving their desks
  • Introduce searches via a number of criteria – such as date range

Imagine being away for two weeks, coming back and by selecting a very simple search, being able to find all new candidate “Application Forms” or alternatively all “New Vacancies” received during your absence.

For many years Electronic Document Management has been considered only as an archiving tool. Most of our clients now use it as a live filing system, capturing information as it happens.

Using software specific to your own sector? Don’t worry, our API (Application Programming Interface) tool makes it possible to link these programs to our document management software. Documents and associated information can be transferred between systems using CSV / XML format.

Learn more about how Filestream’s Document Management Software can help and benefit your business

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