FS Cloud

Using File Stream 5 in the Cloud, IT requirements such as Server Maintenance, Daily Backup, Antivirus, Firewall and other security issues are included with the service and no longer require support from in house technical staff or an external IT network support provider.

Our Cloud bundles are File Stream 1 user with 10GB storage; 5 or 15 concurrent File Stream users with 50GB storage on multi-tenant Cloud Servers. For larger organisations our single-tenant Cloud servers start at 200GB and are scalable as required with from 15 to 500 plus concurrent File Stream users.

Expanding the system is inexpensive for an additional 50 concurrent licences

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Why change to FS Cloud?


Simplify support

Let us handle Cloud & File Stream questions. One number to call for support


Easy expansion

No more worries about running out of storage space. Add memory at the click of a button for minimal cost


Regular backups

We take care of backups. You no longer have to remember to schedule backups


Updates Managed

File Stream upgrades to latest version managed by us. Improves performance and reduces system downtime