File Stream Document Management Features & Specification


Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

  • Import E-mails into File Stream directly from the application, send to In-Tray or other users, index directly to a cabinet
  • Automatically file emails when sending
  • Choose file type for emails imported from Outlook
  • Option to automatically delete emails from Outlook after importing them
  • Option to send all or individual email attachments grouped as part of the e-mail or as separate documents to FS
  • Digitally signed messages can be imported from Outlook
  • Outlook email Header Information such as From, To, Subject, Date Sent, and Date Received is searchable from within File Stream in addition to values obtained from standard Indexing methods
  • Option within File Stream to Import all emails in an outlook FS folder
  • Email capture module allows emails sent to a specified address to be automatically filed in a chosen cabinet

Administration – set up RBAC Users, Roles, Departments and Cabinets Permissions etc.

For additional information on RBAC Administration setup, please read below:


    • Create / delete / edit users & passwords, setup Route box path (folder location) where required
    • User permissions set as Role Permissions (append, delete, annotate, send to, index, re-index, image movement, etc). Users can view their list of permissions
    • User signatures assigned by Administrator
    • View all user sessions automatically. Kill, Lockout or Unlock users or sessions
    • Password functions, change passwords
    • Active Directory policies
    • Add Users to Roles
    • Set Functionality permissions
    • Set In-Tray permissions / restrictions
    • Set individual Cabinet Permissions
    • Set User / Role rules at Field / Field Content level for Searching and Indexing
    • Set rules for cabinet Filter access
    • Create / Delete / Edit
    • Create fields – names – types (including Parent / Child relationships and multiselect) and additional options
    • Change field types and access all values already indexed to individual fields
    • Assign cabinets access to Roles
    • Copy Cabinets to simplify the creation of identical or similar cabinets
    • Policy Option to make all filed documents “Current”
    • Policy Option to allow documents to be indexed without index values
    • Policy Option to advise other users when documents enter a cabinet
    • Policy Option to set up rules to automatically assign documents to a workflow
    • Policy Option to automatically export document index values to CSV or XML output
    • Policy Option to protect a cabinet from being deleted
    • Policy Option to set Document Retention / deletion rules at cabinet level and field value level
    • Import / Export cabinet definition files allowing users to transfer cabinets between systems
    • Import ready made Sample Cabinets
    • Set up common fields
    • Set up Filters and assign associated index fields to them
    • create new or edit existing
    • Set start number and required increment
    • Set up document classifications such as High Importance / Personal
    • Secure Departments can be created. A manager is created and only that manager will be able to make changes
    • Departments have their own cabinets and roles
    • Allows departments, such as HR, to have an independent area of the system where even the master admin can't edit it 
    • Document Statistic summary
    • Duplicate Index values
    • Overdue Workflow items
    • Checked out document summary
    • Locked documents summary
    • RBAC Permissions summary
    • Including create revision when annotations are added / set strict data format / locked document policies / password required for approvals
    • Specify location folder for checked out document
    • Administrators can see lists of when and who permanently deleted documents.
    • Purge the list when required
    • Option to export list to CSV
  • ADMINISTRATIVE AUDIT TRAIL – when and who performed actions
    • e.g creating / deleting / editing cabinets, users, teams and roles etc.
    • User password change
    • Workflow creation and editing
    • Database extension
    • Changed route folder
    • Create New, Delete or Rename a Folder
    • Set access permissions to individual folders
    • Create New, Delete, Edit or Rename a template
    • Set up policy to automatically route a template to a workflow
    • Create event types and assign colour code
    • Set up policy to delete completed events
    • Under Event Maintenance, search for events by user or event type . Delete or re-assign.
    • Search for all internal or external checkouts
    • Undo checkouts


  • Annotate Documents with text, highlighter, signature, stamps, freehand etc. The annotations can be visible, hidden or permanently “burned in”. Icon depicts an annotated document in all views
  • Create stamps / Import Images
  • Redact sections of a document
  • Create / edit / delete / copy annotation tools.

Append options (image documents only)

A Document may be attached to an existing document. Inserted at the start /end / or at a selected page of the Target Document. This function can be carried out:

  • At the scanning stage
  • As a file import from the network to a document in the File Stream Document Management system.
  • Via cabinets attaching to files already in the system.
  • One document can be repeatedly appended to many other documents


  • Documents can have files attached to them. Imported e-mail automatically uses this feature.
  • Attach external documents and / or other system documents
  • Attached files can be removed, opened, launched, saved out, Emailed , detached into the inbox, & OCR’d


  • Feature ensuring regularly viewed documents are always available.
  • Set permissions to share these bookmarks with other users / teams if required

Check-in / Check-out

  • Facility to temporarily check documents out of the system to work on them in another location.
  • Users will be reminded to check documents back in.
  • Other users will continue to be able to view the document image pre-checkout. Only one user can check a document out at a time.

Clipboard Feature

  • Copy documents from Search Results and paste to an on-going Email Trail
  • Copy documents from inside or outside the system and Paste as attachments to documents in File Stream
  • Replace an existing document with one from clipboard – captured by audit trail and revision history

Convert to Image

  • Allows non image docs such as Word or Excel to be converted to an uneditable image document – tif or pdf
  • Converted documents can be colour or black and white.
  • Option to select preferred DPI
  • The new document can replace the existing, be saved as an attachment to the original or saved to an in-tray as a separate document


  • Ability to incorporate customer specific requirements which are only available to the customer.
  • Off-the-shelf customisation for automatically exporting data to CSV file when indexing.
  • Off-the-shelf customisation for looking up index values in any external database.


  • Support for SQL 2012 2014 / 2016 / 2017 / 2019 / 2022 SQL Express
  • Support for multiple databases


  • Documents or pages of documents can be deleted permanently or to a Deleted Folder at various stages within File Stream Document Management if authorised by the Administrator.


  • Document(s) can be linked to future diary events for individual or multiple users
  • Events can be for Public or Private viewing
  • Diary events (for all users) visible when viewing a document
  • Access is available to all user diaries
  • Reminder alerts with direct links to named documents
  • Entry ‘created by’ Indication
  • Create your own event types
  • Search Event Types
  • Search for an event by named content
  • View multiple user diaries at the same time

Document Creation Editing & Conversion

  • Create documents from within any File Stream intray
  • Blank and customised templates
  • Automatically route  a new document to a chosen workflow
  • Launch existing documents for editing with full audit trail
  • Convert non-image documents to image files

Document errors

  • Document operations that fail are highlighted with an error flag and details of failure are shown

Document Information

  • All system information relating to a document can be found here, sorted by the following tabs – Standard Values – Index Values – Attachments – Notes – History – OCR Text
  • Filenames and the document subject can be changed with the option to move automatically to the next document when indexing or re-indexing
  • Documents can be Launched for editing or a read only version

Document Notes

  • Public and Private notes can be linked to a document, automatically identifying the author and date. Private notes are only visible to their creator.
  • A document with a note is identified by a ‘Notes’ icon in all views
  • Edited / deleted notes shown in document history
  • Notes can be printed

Document Flags

  • Documents are automatically flagged as ‘Un-Read’ until viewed in ‘Image view’
  • Documents can be flagged with 16 different coloured numbered searchable flags or a check box
  • Flags can be renamed

Export to C.S.V.

  • Document properties & index values (including images) can be exported to CSV or XML format for import to other applications

Document Import / Export

  • Full and incremental export from selected cabinets or search results
  • Options to allow disk spanning, include revision histories and delete exported documents
  • Import documents into existing or new cabinets, with option to overwrite or copy existing files.

File import

File Stream Document Management can capture computer files in several ways:

  • Using the file import option in File Stream Document Management
  • Import documents by drag and drop
  • Using the ‘Create New Document’ feature
  • From any other program with a ‘save to file’ option by routing the files to a user’s File Stream Intray via their routebox
  • By using the File Stream ‘Save to Clipboard’ feature

Image manipulation (image documents only)

  • Rotate / Deskew / Despeckle / Invert / Zoom / Remove Lines / Dilate / Erode
  • Fit to Height / Width / Full size / Whole PC views.
  • Zoom in and out

Indexing options

  • Index documents or selected pages to a custom cabinet
  • Index field types include Date, Time, List, multi-select, Number, Currency, etc
  • Index field properties include mandatory, default values, & allow overwrite
  • Re-index if administrator permissions are granted
  • Retain temporarily fixed values while indexing
  • Editable drop-down lists for frequently used index values
  • Incremental indexing e.g. 001 002 003
  • Multiple indexing
  • Documents can be Auto OCR’d when indexing if this option is specified for the selected cabinet.
  • The same document can be indexed to more than one cabinet if required
  • Set up Policies to filter the Cabinet Fields displayed when indexing different types of documents
  • Policies also to filter the fields to only show those required by different departments / roles.

Large Document Volumes

  • The software is structured in such a way that new databases can automatically be created annually. One or twelve tables can be selected annually allowing search results to be displayed per year or per month. Therefore large volumes of documents are handled easily and system search speeds etc are kept lively. Users can set their own default range.


  • Flexible, concurrent license structure
  • Simple method for purchasing licence upgrades

Logging On and Off

  • Log off File Stream Document Management and log back on without closing the application.
  • Run multiple File Stream applications on the same PC – to work in different databases at the same time.
  • Supports Roaming Profiles in a Citrix environment
  • Databases can be managed and made available to users automatically

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – Standard

  • Image documents containing text, imported into the system, can be OCR’d (saved to the database by the text content). Documents can then be searched for by word content.
  • Office documents such as Word and Excel files can be OCR’d and searched by word content.
  • Document attachments can be OCR’d (optional)
  • Image documents in File Stream Document Management can be OCR’d to file and saved to any network pathway. The exported file can be edited. (NB the original file remains unedited.)
  • OCR-to-File formats include TXT .PDF .DOC .RTF and .htmlL.

Print and e-mail

  • Documents or selected pages from documents within the system can be printed or e-mailed provided the necessary software is present
  • Specify margins, and option for printing page numbers at bottom of image type files inc TIFF and PDF.

Program Language

  • Written in Microsoft C++ / .NET Framework 4.8 for maximum compatibility with modern operating systems.

Regional Barcoding / OCR and Follow Fields

  • Sections on any page can be assigned to be captured as OCR or barcode fields.
  • “Follow fields” functionality shows relevant section of document enlarged for each field when indexing.
  • “Quick Find OCR” allows users to draw round the required index field content area on the document to automatically capture it.


  • Automatic document revisions are created when physical changes are made to the structure of a document such as burning in annotations or appending additional pages to image type files, or changes made to Microsoft Office type documents when they are altered by editing.
  • Full Audit history of actions performed on documents, and by whom, such as when documents have been scanned, e-mailed, annotated, indexed, edited, etc.

Save as

  • Documents (or pages of image type files) from within File Stream Document Management can be saved to any volume on the network

Scan drivers

  • TWAIN drivers supported.

Scanning paper documents

  • Uses File Stream Document Management interface
  • Scanners: directly connected or network devices (some features only available with directly connected scanners). Network Devices scan to a route folder for auto collection by File Stream
  • Access to all functions of chosen scanner (native Interface)
  • Scan directly to other user intrays or a users own in-tray folder
  • Can be used just as a scanning tool to save documents elsewhere

Simple Scan (TWAIN)

  • Select multi-page / single page
  • Choose filename
  • Save as most image types inc. JPEG, TIFF (various), PDF,
  • Scan more (auto append).

Advanced Scan Panel (TWAIN)

  • Scan profiles can be set up for different types of scanning jobs. Options offered (in addition to simple scan) include:
  • Take specified number of pages from ADF allowing document grouping.
  • Numbered pages
  • Document orientation choices
  • Drop blank pages or pages smaller than …KB
  • Auto Correct (OCR module required)
  • Separate by Blank Sheet Barcode and / or OCR values (modules required)
  • Separate by looking for a BLACK DOT on a predefined area on the documents.
  • Automatic OCR documents: assign document recognition: (module req.)
  • Auto Imprint numbers from selected number groups
  • Choose filename inc. option to stamp an auto date, time or specified numeric patters
  • Set SCAN PAGE counter
  • Profile summary
  • Import / Export profiles easily between work stations
  • Multiple scanners can scan into one shared intray.
  • Scanned documents can be imported to logged in user’s in-tray or any they have shared access to.
  • Append scanned document to an existing document in the program.
  • File Stream scan tool can be used independent of the system to scan and save documents elsewhere on the network

Search – Powerful & Versatile Capability

Index search

  • Index values (or any part of) across selected cabinets or all cabinets inc. greater than, less than, Not equal to, starts with, ends with, a range of, and contains values

OCR Search

  • Search OCR text in document and its attachments, including ALL words, ANY words, Whole words, and Exact Phrase.

Further Search

  • Search by system flags, Email header info, last action,  actioned by, workflow status, file name or any part of, File type, number of pages, document size, retention date (module Required)


  • Further Filter by a selected date range (system entered or last modified).
  • Save searches for future use.
  • Option to Automatically open results or show all index fields for multiple cabinet searches

Cabinet Search

  • All documents in a cabinet plus pre-defined or customised filters
  • Pre-defined, including all checked-out and locked documents. All items overdue or in a workflow.
  • All deleted documents
  • All documents due for destruction within 7 days or overdue for destruction (module Required)

Word Search

  • Quickly locate a word or phrase in any OCR’d document and all its attachments
  • View the relevant document or attachment image and move through each occurrence of the selected word / phrase.

SAVED Search

  • Frequently used search criteria can be saved for easy future access

Send to

  • Allows documents to be sent within File Stream Document Management from one user to another. Indexed documents will be sent as copies

User Interface & Viewing options

  • Easy to use, intuitive screens
  • Customisable and pre-definable Quick Access Toolbar
  • View documents as list files, split image view or images
  • Work with Multiple Tabs for more versatile use
  • User Editable lists: versatile List view with user-configurable columns, multiple sorting, split image and split single page view. In list view throughout the system, documents can be viewed in any sort order
  • Move order of columns, hide/reveal columns, retains column widths
  • Specify up to 3 sort orders on columns
  • Over 300 file formats can be viewed as thumbnails or images: PDF • raster • vector • autodesk/hybrid • AutoCAD/colour • TIFF • PCX • GIF • JPEG • Sun raster • PNG • Photoshop • Office • Word • Acrobat / PDF •HTML • ASCII • PowerPoint • Excel etc, etc.
  • Option to view PDF documents using built-in viewer or Adobe Acrobat viewer.
  • Documents of different file types can be grouped together as attached documents.
  • Split single page view: selected pages of Image documents, viewed as thumbnails of a multi-page document, can be deleted, repositioned or appended to other pages, creating new documents of varying size ready for indexing.
  • Full screen image view with continued page / file selection.
  • Split image allows list or thumb view plus resizeable image view.
  • Visual indication of document status in all views.
  • Customisable list view columns for each cabinet and each user’s own inbox.
  • Progress indication of time-consuming operations with Cancel button where applicable.

User messaging

  • Internal messaging system for File Stream Document Management users, incorporating a history of messages sent and received.
  • Messages can be sent with a link to a document search. The recipient can access these same documents upon receipt of the message by opening the link.
  • Reply to or forward messages received


Zero-footprint Web Browser Application

  • Provides external access to File Stream Document Management data over the Internet using an Internet browser
  • Compatible with most modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari
  • Upload new files and search for existing files from any PC with internet access, even without File Stream Document Management installed on that PC


  • Enables documents to be routed to specific users in predefined order for specific tasks to be performed (e.g. invoice approval)
  • Easy to use flow-diagram interface
  • Documents can be automatically assigned to a Workflow when indexed or when a new document is created by File Stream
  • Link Workflows to other Workflows so that one Workflow needs to be completed before the other can continue
  • Set up unlimited Workflow Processes
  • Route documents to individual / multiple or selected users
  • Set time scales before alerting users.
  • Set time limits to tasks
  • Assign a ‘Workflow Manager’ who will be notified when items are overdue allowing appropriate action to be taken
  • All system tools available for use in ‘Workflow’
  • Each document displays the stage reached including the ‘assigned user’
  • Full Workflow History available to selected users
  • Workflows with unfinished tasks cannot be deleted
  • Workflow Manager can cancel tasks and re-assign them

Advanced OCR

  • Enables the creation of unlimited advanced OCR profiles as well as providing automatic document recognition. This includes automatic filing to a selected Cabinet

Searchable Media Module

  • Export selected documents to external media which will include a full search tool
  • Attachments and notes associated with documents will also be exported if required
  • Data is fully encrypted and a password can be set for access
  • Data can be handed  out for access without File Stream needing to be installed

Email Notification Module

  • Sends all File Stream system messages as email notifications to users when they are not logged into File Stream

Email Monitoring Module

  • Monitor a specific email address and automatically import emails and attachments to a File Stream cabinet

Server OCR Module

  • Groups OCR tasks to be performed by the server at scheduled times

Generic CSV Module

  • Enables documents and index details to be imported into File Stream

Backup Scheduling Module

  • Performs unattended scheduled File Stream backups.

CSV/XML Import Module

  • Enables CSV or XML data to be imported & filed into File Stream whilst creating an image
  • Multiple import tasks can be created to facilitate the import of different types of document to different cabinets
  • (includes up to 2  days development time and coding for 3 document styles )
  • Includes a scheduling tool enabling the tasks to be done out of normal hours when the network is less busy and will run unattended..

File Stream API

  • Unlimited license to develop your own code to access File Stream data

File Stream Web Service API

  • Unlimited license to use the Web Service to develop your own web based code to access File Stream data via the web server

Document Retention Module

  • Set dates for automatic destruction of documents
  • Can be set as a policy per cabinet
  • Can be set as a policy against an index field value.
  • Administrator confirmation can be specified as required before destruction

File Stream DocuSign Module

Electronic signing module allows you to send documents from File Stream to DocuSign for electronic signature . Encrypted at all times

FS View Application

This lets users search and view documents held in File Stream from other applications. FSView accepts command line parameters, performs a search in File Stream and displays a window with the ability to view any documents that were found matching the records in the command line. As each customer’s needs are different, we always have to customise the FSView application for each customer’s specific needs (at extra cost), this enables them to have their own command line format to suit their requirements.
NOTE FSView can be used from a command prompt or it can be launched from another third party application only if that application has the ability to call an external exe with suitable command line parameters