Scanners for Document Management Software (DMS)

A vital part of a document management system is the scanning capability. Choosing the most suitable scanners requires careful consideration.

The right choice will pay dividends in dealing comfortably with both the volume and variety of documents.


In the following pages you will find:

      • Some guidance notes on scanning issues and how to go about choosing scanners to suit your document management software scanning requirements
      • Notes on caring for scanners – issues such as cleaning consumables, replacement rollers, etc
      • Profiles of scanners that are particularly suitable for use with Filestream Document Management software. File Stream is designed to work with a very wide variety of scanners, we do recommend Ricoh scanners described in the following pages. Note: When you select to view our scanners, you will be re-directed to our on-line shop website.


Filestream now integrates with the Ricoh fi-8040. Click here to find out more.

Capture and index almost any type of document.

A typical wish of many companies is to find a way to electronically capture the most common business documents, eg; delivery notes, invoices, purchase orders…

Using File Stream Document Management in partnership with ScannerVision we can offer multiple solutions to achieve this:

Solution 1
Using ScannerVision, document content can be automatically captured. This is often a barcode/text region. ScannerVision recognises the barcode or text and names the document accordingly. The document is then placed in a folder location of your choosing. Any future document that has the same information will be automatically appended to the existing document.

Solution 2
After ScannerVision has captured the required information the document can be further indexed using OfficioDM with useful index information such as Customer Name or Invoice Number. This enables enhanced searches for documents. OfficioDM and the multi-user OfficioDM Pro and both password protected and offer full document encryption helping you to be GDPR compliant.

Solution 3
By using ScannerVision in combination with our fully featured product, File Stream, documents can be indexed directly from the scanner/multi-functional screen. Once in File Stream advantage can be taken of all the additional functionality, including; automation, workflow, full Roles Based Access Control and much more…

Click here to find out more about ScannerVision

The following multifunctional machine manufacturers are currently available for use with the ScannerVision / File Stream integration.

Please let us know if you would like this functionality with other brands



File Stream


ScannerVision is software that efficiently captures specific information from paper or electronic documents and passes this information (e.g. invoice details / client / legal / HR etc), on to other systems including the fully integrated File Stream document management program, where documents can be automatically indexed, made secure and simple to search.


Capture paper documents from multifunctional machines (copier / printers). Automatically capture information from paper documents by scanning AND enabling indexing from the multifunction machines touch screen. PC‘s with scanners are then unnecessary for document input and indexing. Greater use can then be made of existing and expensive networked copier / printers.

Information can be captured from:

  • Zones on a structured document such as standard forms or supplier invoices
  • Document recognition enables documents to be sorted efficiently prior to indexing or sending to a folder or a workflow
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables documents to be searched for by any words they may contain

Electronic documents can be captured from any location automatically from Hot Folders or any other electronic documents containing text such as emails and Office documents.

Processing a paper document…


Process documents individually or in bulk to save time. This could include:


  • Barcode reading. A barcode can initiate a procedure or supply accurate metadata for automatic indexing
  • Recognising texts with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), conversion to another format, and much more
  • Sorting large numbers of documents (either scanned images or electronic files) can be sorted into groups before onward processing or routing

File Stream

  • Search. Make documents easily searchable by capturing information from the document as well as data such as name, number, date or client details
  • Encryption of documents for added security (Triple DES algorithm with internal 256 bit key)
  • Security. As well as encryption, documents can be placed in a secure area where only authorised people can access them
  • Retention. Add retention dates to documents
  • Workflows. Automatically add documents to simple workflows


Store determines where and how the document should be saved, which could be another folder on the network, a database, as an e-mail attachment, a Cloud Storage or a Document Management System such as File Stream.