Workflow Automation

Workflows will save both time and money. Documents are routed in a structured process and a workflow manager oversees all aspects.

Reducing Stress by Automating Workflows

Workflows play a big part in document management and can assist in tasks such as invoice or document approvals.

The workflows in File Stream are unlimited in number and very easy to set up and use.

Workflows allow for the creation of a series of tasks for users to follow.

As the document(s) move through the workflow an audit log is created detailing what has happened to the document.

The tasks created are completely customisable and are based around established processes.

Workflows are easily managed with navigation flow diagrams.

How can using Workflows help?

Workflows vary in complexity. From simple invoice approval workflows to new employee starter workflows which can link into separate workflows.

A workflow can be set so that whenever a new document is indexed into a cabinet it automatically begins the approval process.

A user will then get a notification alerting them they have new a workflow task. From here they can move the document along its intended process, ie getting it sent to the relevant manager for approval.

Once approved the invoice can then be paid by the accounts department and indexed as completed.