Cloud document management to save time, space, money and frustration.

Cloud storage is the perfect solution for a hybrid world, and File Stream 5 combines the efficiency, security and ease of use of all our EDMS products with enhanced accessibility that put your documents within reach of all your staff.

Save yourself Time,

Space & Money.

No business can get away from filing documents...

From internal documents and client information through to external paperwork and audit trails, files are everywhere we look.

Much of that paperwork is now stored digitally – but that brings new issues like document naming conventions, risk of data breach and the ability to accidentally overwrite or delete important files.

The Best Document
Management Software.




When sensitive documents are stored digitally, they’re much less likely to be lost or stolen.


Workflow Automation

Unlock Efficiency: Workflow Automation Streamlines Document Management and Approvals



Streamline Filing: Unlimited, Searchable Cabinets for Efficient Document Management


AI Systems

Boost Efficiency: Advanced OCR Automates Document Recognition and Indexing.

Why Filestream?

Most EDMs platforms work against you, than for you. Shift to the EDM software that actually does what it claims.

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  • GDPR compliance, with a range of ways to ensure your company adheres to regulatory requirements – including full encryption and role-based access control
  • Ease of integration, with the system integrating seamlessly with – and enhancing – your existing systems
  • Increased efficiency thanks to clear, structured filing hierarchy and multiple ways to search documents (including optical character recognition). No more wasted staff hours trying to remember what you’d named a file
  • Improved workflow with the ability to share links to files, annotate documents, easily see the full version history and more.




  • No hidden fees. No surprises
  • Integrates seamlessly
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Robust audit trails
  • GDPR compliance
  • Unmatched disaster recovery

A suite of modules to revolutionise your filing

1Workflow Module (supplied as standard)
The workflow module is ideal for the intelligent routing and tracking of documents sent to specific users in a predefined order. Time constraints can be set. The module includes a “Workflow Designer” tool to design and maintain each workflow process as well as a “Workflow Management” facility.
2Email Capture Module
Monitors an email address to automatically capture emails and files them directly into File Stream, based on parameters like To, From, Date, Time, Subject and more.
3Signable electronic signature
Electronic signing module allows you to send fully encrypted documents from File Stream to Signable for electronic signature.
4Searchable Media Module
Documents can be exported to a storage device, allowing third parties without a File Stream System to search for, view and print them.
5Tesseract OCR
This is the standard OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality included with File Stream 5, and allows users to search non-text files (like PDF and TIF) for words based on character recognition.
6Advanced Azure OCR Module (optional extra)
An extension of a Microsoft 365 account, this is perfect for complex or large volumes of documents such as invoices and delivery notes. Azure OCR employs artificial intelligence to continually improve accuracy the more documents that it processes.
7Document Retention Module
Allows users to set dates for automatic destruction of documents. This can be set as a cabinet policy or an index value, or as a combination of both. Administration confirmation can be specified as required before destruction.