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OfficioDM Pro DM Cloud Solutions

For business-critical information, our approach is that there can be no compromises when selecting a Cloud service. To this end each customer has their own VM rather than a portion of a shared facility. The result, storage and administrative access is much more secure.

Our basic package offers 200GB hard disk storage and 4GB of RAM. The hard disk storage can be increased but bear in mind that an average Office doc of 2 or 3 pages is usually less than 50KB, similar size for a scanned black and white image. Colour scans and photographs will be larger but you would need a significant number before additional storage space is required.

As standard, a backup is performed daily and kept for 7 days. This is a VM snapshot of the server at the time of back up. This will mean, if a problem arises and a backup is required, the previous evenings backup will most likely be restored or in some cases one from the previous seven days. Any work carried out after the date and time of the restored backup will be lost.

AVG Antivirus, a secure Firewall, 2 CPU processors and full support of the SIRE Cloud service.

Our Cloud Services for OfficioDM Pro



  • Enabling users (1 to 15 users) to employ the latest encryption technology and password protection for ultimate document security
  • Allowing businesses to specify up to five separate document areas to ensure documents can only be viewed by authorised personnel
  • Aiding GDPR compliance regulations
  • Providing document capacity of up to 1.25 million records and an in-built upgrade pathway to support your business as it grows and your requirements change, such as increased document numbers, users, or more functionality required.
  • Encompassing and managing all computer files, including; e-mail, MS Office documents, and scanned documents
  • Offering on-site or cloud based implementation options
  • Free mobile App (Windows / Android / iOS)*
  • Being easily upgradable to our enterprise solution File Stream

OfficioDM Pro Cloud

Product Monthly Cost (£) Annual Support Cost (£)
OfficioDM Pro 3 User £25 200.00
OfficioDM Pro 6 User £35 275.00
OfficioDM Pro 9 User £45 350.00
OfficioDM Pro 12 User £55 425.00
OfficioDM Pro 15 User £65 500.00


NB:  In the future, if a customer decides they no longer wish to use the Cloud Service then, provided all monies due are paid up to date and any necessary notice period has been given, we will arrange for your documents to be exported with a corresponding .XML file containing document index values. With this information you will be in a position to import them into a different system if required. An administration charge will be made for this service.

OfficioDM Pro  

Mobile App

Easy access to documents is a necessity to the success of any business. This was very much in our focus as Filestream developed its OfficioDM Pro product. The result; Mobile Apps are available for iOS and Android devices. Our Apps are free of charge and offer full functionality with the exception of the SCAN feature. If your choice is to opt for a CLOUD solution, then the Mobile Apps will form part of it. If it suits your business better to install our Window’s ON PREMISE networked product, then to make use of our Mobile Apps an IIS (Internet Information Services) server and an external facing IP address will be required. Internet connection will be needed, either through Wi-Fi or mobile data plan.

officiodm pro cloud
officiodm pro cloud

NOTE: Our OfficioDM Pro Mobile Apps must only be downloaded when the main application is purchased and installed. They will NOT work on their own.

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