OfficioDM Pro Standard Features

Flexibility of OfficioDM Pro

Standard Features and Specifications

The structure of OfficioDM Pro is flexible, accommodating an individual company’s needs for scanning, filing and retrieval of documents.

OfficioDM Pro comes in multiples of 3 users (maximum of 15). Mobile APPS are availalble for Windows, Android and iOS devices (requires Cloud solution or IIS)*

OfficioDM Pro uses Microsoft SQL Express database technology. You can create up to a maximum of 5 databases. Each database allows 10 cabinets (with up to 8 indexing fields in each) and can handle 250,000 encrypted documents**

An OfficioDM Pro system can be used in different ways:

All users can see all databases and the cabinets within each unless the system administrator prevents this.

It is straightforward for customers to use only 1 database but with all users accessing the documents. This works best where there are many users but not a high volume of documents and there is no need to restrict the viewing of the documents.

Customers with multiple databases, who don’t require any more than 10 cabinets and no viewing restrictions, often use the additional database(s) to store particularly high volumes of documents chronologically or alphabetically. Alternatively, a company may have a different database per department ensuring security. Only specified users will have access to individual databases.

*For more information on our OfficioDM Pro mobile app, see bottom of page
**If OCR is being used, then the document capacity in a database will reduce.


  • Total Documents in an In-Tray
  • Total of Un-Read Documents
  • Access to IMPORT function
  • Access to LIST and IMAGE View
  • Access to the INDEX Panel
  • Access to The SEARCH Panel
  • Delete Documents
  • Access to ‘Save’ (save out)
  • Access to Document Info
  • Access to HOME screen


  • IMPORT Electronic Files to In-Tray or a Cabinet
  • IMPORT Multiple documents
  • IMPORT from Outlook


  • SEARCH a selected Cabinet in a database
  • Multiple FIELD Search
  • REFINE Field SEARCH options
  • TEXT: (Contains, Equals, Starts With, Ends With, Is Not Equal To, Is BLANK)
  • LIST: (Contains, Equals, Starts With, Ends With, Is Not Equal To, Is BLANK)
  • DATE: (Equals, Not Equal To, Before, After, Between, Is Blank and quick Access to Dates which would be Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday.
  • NUMBER: (Equals, Not Equal To, Less Than, More Than, Between, Is BLANK
  • CURRENCY: (Equals, Not Equal To, Less Than, More Than, Between, Is BLANK
  • SEARCH for Documents with no Field Index Values
  • Option to Automatically Open Search Results
  • SEARCH for Documents by the system entered Date (before, after or between a range).
  • SEARCH WORDS box (OCR only)
  • CLEAR Options to empty ALL fields or an Individual Field


  • SCAN to In-Tray or Cabinet.
  • Documents scanned as PDFs
  • Select Device
  • Input File Name
  • Incremental numbering
  • Flat Bed Option
  • Single or Multi-page documents Option
  • A Scan More to add pages to an existing scanned Document
  • Option to Delete Files after Importing
  • Split Image View to check scans
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out options in Image View
  • DELETE Document Option


  • All database CABINETS visible on the HOME screen
  • Number of documents contained shown on HOME screen CABINET Tile
  • Access the IMPORT function
  • Cabinet Documents viewed in LIST and IMAGE View
  • The INDEX Panel is accessible
  • The SEARCH Panel is accessible
  • Delete Option
  • Use ‘SAVE’ Option to save out
  • Access to Document Info
  • 8 Index Fields
  • 10 Cabinets per Database
  • Choice of Field Type (Text, List, Number, Currency and Date)


  • Multiple Index
  • Re-Index
  • ‘Add To’ List field
  • Clear Field Value
  • Choice per cabinet, Index Now, Later or ask me when docs imported


  • Home Screen Tile displays number of Deleted docs.
  • Documents deleted from an In-Tray or cabinet go into this bucket
  • Restore option to In-Tray or Cabinet
  • Cabinet Documents restored with Index Field values
  • Restored to In-tray If Cabinet deleted
  • DESTROY deleted documents (Needs Admin Password approval)


  • ABOUT – Details program version
  • LANGUAGE – Options (English UK. English US., French, German and Spanish)
  • SUPPORT Links to FAQ’s and Product HELP Videos.
  • Email a support call.
  • CANCEL Option


  • System comes with 5 secure databases
  • User Access determined by database


  • Forgot Password Option
  • Document Notes (256 characters)
  • Change File Name
  • Change INDEX Field order
  • Change Field Type
  • Rotate Documents
  • Drag and Drop Documents to In-Tray or Cabinet
  • OCR Documents per Cabinet
  • Install Updates


Easy access to documents is a necessity to the success of any business. This was very much in our focus as Filestream developed its OfficioDM Pro product. The result; Mobile Apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Our Apps are free of charge and offer full functionality with the exception of the SCAN feature.

If your choice is to opt for a CLOUD solution, then the Mobile Apps will form part of it. If it suits your business better to install our Window’s ON PREMISE networked product, then to make use of our Mobile Apps an IIS (Internet Information Services) server and an external facing IP address will be required. Internet connection will be needed, either through Wi-Fi or mobile data plan.



NOTE: Our OfficioDM Pro Mobile Apps must only be downloaded when the main application is purchased and installed. They will NOT work on their own.

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